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Mary Poppins Production Schedule

In response to your feedback, we have shifted our production schedule three weeks later to gain separation from the busy back-to-school time in Sept/Oct and the Holiday season.  With our move to the Power Center in late February, it allows us to hold auditions in November, cast the show by Thanksgiving, and begin full cast/ensemble rehearsals after winter break in January.

It is important to continue using our neighborhood spaces to create the show together, and we will be rehearsing at Tappan, Burns Park, and Jazzercise.  The Tappan Players’ show will run the week before ours, so we will be sharing the Tappan space with them, with TP 5:45-8p, BPP 8-11p when used on the same day.

To help your planning, here is the general production schedule.  More detailed information will be provided at the Fall meeting by our producer.  A shared production schedule calendar will also be created.

Fall Meeting
10/22 (T) 7-8:30p Burns Park Aud

Adult Auditions
11/13-14 (W, TH) 7-10p Tappan Aud

Child Lead Auditions (5th BP & 6th-8th BP Alumni)
11/20 (W) 7-10p Tappan Aud

11/21 (TH) 7-10p Tappan Aud

Table Read & Business Meeting
12/3 (T) 7-10p Tappan Aud

Kickoff Music Rehearsal
12/4 (W) 9-11p Tappan Aud & 7-11p Choir

Music Rehearsal
12/5 (TH) 7-11p Tappan Aud & 7-11p Choir

1st Rehearsal & Music Review
1/6 (M) 8-11p Tappan Aud & 7-11p Rec Rm

Staging/Dance/Scene Rehearsals 
1/7 - 2/13 8-11p Tappan Aud & 7-11 Rec Rm

Acts I & II Run-Throughs
2/16 - 2/21m 7-10 Burns Park Aud
(Tappan Players tech week)

Power Center Load-in/Tech Day
2/23 (SUN) 9-11p  Power Center

Tech Week Rehearsals 
2/24 - 2/26 7-11p Power Center

Mary Poppins Shows
1. 2/27 (TH)    7:30p
2. 2/28 (F)    7:30p
3. 2/29 (Sa)    2:00p
4. 3/1 (Su)     2:00p

Important Dates for Mary Poppins

Fall Meeting:
Tuesday, October 22, 7-8:30pm @ Burns Park Auditorium

Adult Auditions
Wednesday & Thursday, November 13-14, 7-10 pm @ Tappan Auditorium 

Child Auditions
Wednesday, November 20 7-10 pm @ Tappan Auditorium

Thursday, November 21 7-10 pm Tappan Auditorium

Performances @ The Power Center:
February 27 & 28 @ 7:30 pm
February 29 @ 2 pm
March 1 @ 2 pm