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Sets Crew

The set crew is the custodian of the set construction equipment and is responsible for maintaining and keeping the equipment in safe operating condition. The crew is also responsible for the storage of stock stage scenery and scenery that is saved for future production.

The Crew schedules work sessions and assigns work for volunteers to assist in building, painting, and moving the set.

Works with the director and or scenic designer the crew execute the stage scenery design a production.

Typical procedures for a production:

  • Read the script noting required scenic elements.
  • Meet with the director or designer to determine special scenic requirements.
  • Canvass stock scenery to determine what is available and what has to be built.
  • Inventory paint, hardware, and lumber arranging for more as needed.
  • Schedule a session(s) to construct and prepare scenery.
  • Paint the scenery.
  • Schedule and organize the transfer the scenery to the theatre.
  • Attend rehearsals to observe and note scenic elements needing completion.
  • Dress the Stage, adjusting drapery, teasers, tormentors, and drops.
  • Stand prepared to make scenic repairs during the run of a production.
  • Clean the scene shop in preparation for re-storing scenery and building the next show.
  • Schedule take out of the scenery from the theatre at the end of a production.
  • Properly store scenery and tools and leave the scene shop clean.