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Running Crew

The Stage Manager works with the director to organize the stage details of the show and is in charge of running the show once performances begin. The running crew reports to the Stage Manager. The Stage Manager is responsible for ensuring that all elements assembled for a performance: scenery, equipment, supplies and personnel; are ready for each performance.

The Running Crew is responsible for operating stage equipment and scenic elements back stage during performances. The Running Crew may be required to perform many types of tasks backstage necessary for a performance. The tasks may be related to scenery, props, costumes, sound effects, lighting effects, or assistance to performers. The Stage Crew is composed of the Prop Crew running the show, the Costume Crew, providing wardrobe services during performances, and other stagehands.

Typical procedures for a production:

  • Stage Manager
    • Read the script noting required scene changes, entrances exits lighting and sound cues.
    • Meet with the director to determine special requirements.
    • Make lists of tasks that have to be performed during a performance.
    • Assign tasks to the running crew, rehearse tasks as needed.
    • Supervise running crew practice of operating the scenery or scene changes.
    • Prepare a work schedule for the Running Crew.
    • Maintain an attendance system for cast and crew.
    • Interact with Lighting, Sound, Makeup, House Management and other crews working during a production.
    • Ensure that all equipment and properties are cleaned and safely stored between performances
  • Running Crew
    • Report to the Stage Manager upon arrival at the theater.
    • Prepare props, scenery, costumes or assigned tasks in preparation prior to each performance.
    • Perform assigned tasked during scene changes and performances.
    • Clean and store props after each performance
    • Sweep the stage prior to each performance.