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Props Crew

Hand Props: Collects and/or creates props needed for a production. Organizes props to be available during rehearsals and performances. The Props Crew is the custodian of the properties collected, owned and stored by the company.

The crew is responsible for keeping the props and furniture stored properly organized and in usable condition. The crew is responsible for maintaining a complete listing of properties and maintaining records of the props on loan or rented. The crew is responsible for the physical process of letting the props out and letting them back into storage.

Set Dressing: In addition to hand props the Prop Crew is responsible for dressing the set. Dressing the set is the process of decorating the walls, selecting furnishings, accessories, and furniture that create the ambiance of the period and style of the play.

The Props Crew schedules work sessions and assigns work for volunteers to assist in collecting, building, painting, and moving the properties and set decorations for a production.

Typical procedures for a production

  • Read the script to gain an understanding of period and style of the show.
  • Determine if any specialty props or furnishings are required.
  • Meet with the director to determine hand prop requirements for each character.
  • Inventory the property stock to determine if an item is on hand, must be made or must be found.
  • Make, borrow, rent props and furnishings as needed and approved.
  • Schedule construction or search session(s) as needed.
  • Transfer props and furnishing to the theatre.
  • At the end of a production, clean and properly store props in stock, return rentals and loan