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Make-up Crew

The makeup crew assists in the design and execution of makeup and hairstyles for a production. The makeup crew is the custodian of the theatre’s supply of makeup, wigs and hairpieces.

Typical procedures for a production:

  • Read the script to gain an understanding of period and style of the show.
  • Determine if any specialty makeup, wigs, hairpieces, or hairstyles are required.
  • Meet with the director to determine makeup and hair styles for each character.
  • Inventory makeup and supplies arranging for more as needed.
  • Make makeup appliances or hairpieces as needed.
  • Schedule makeup session(s) to demonstrate styles for final approval.
  • Document the makeup and hair designs.
  • Schedule makeup session(s) to apply and teach the makeup design to the actors.
  • Schedule makeup session(s) during the run of a production.
  • Each evening clean and prepare the makeup and makeup area for the next performance.
  • At the end of a production, properly store makeup and hairpieces and replenish supplies.