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Membership Information and Responsibilities

Please read carefully to avoid misunderstandings over the next few busy months

Yearly dues of $25 per adult member, plus $10 for each additional adult member in the household are required of all cast and crew. Contact Helen Starman to pay dues.

Cast & Crew Mandatory Meeting
There is a mandatory All Cast and Crew meeting during the first week of the production season, typically in November.

If over 50 people audition, we may not be able to cast all of you because of the limitations of the Tappan stage. This is something we don't like to do, and try to avoid at all costs. If you are cut, and were at the Fall meeting, we will help you find a crew position so that your child can still be in the show.

Each cast and crew member is required to sell two ads to appear in the show's program. Ad revenue makes it possible for us to make a profit and support performing arts related activities at Burns Park, Tappan, and the Ann Arbor Public Schools. Cast and crew must sign up for ads, and this will take place at the All Cast and Crew mandatory meeting (typically in November).

1st-5th graders will be featured in the show. During the past two weeks when attendance at rehearsal is important for them, the Players organize childcare at the two dress rehearsals and during the 5 performances. The cost is $30/child and covers approximately 28 hours of childcare and snacks. WE ALSO REQUIRE THAT EACH PARENT, SPOUSE OR SURROGATE SITTER SIGN UP TO WORK ONE SHIFT OF CHILDCARE DURING THOSE 7 NIGHTS, UNLESS BOTH PARENTS ON ONSTAGE OR BACKSTAGE DURING THE SHOW.

Cast members may incur some expenses for your costumes and may need to spend some time assembling them.

We have a very compacted and intense rehearsal schedule. If you know that you are going to miss more than one or two rehearsals, please re-consider auditioning.